Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guiling Jelly (Guilinggao) and A Hong Kong Serial Drama

I learned about Guiling Grass Jelly (Guilinggao) from watching a Hong Kong TVB Serial Drama - 'The Seasons (Chinese: 季節)' when I was in Malaysia in 1987. 'The Seasons' was a 389 episode drama series about many unbelievable dramatic things happened in a family that sells herbal tea and Guiling Grass Jelly (Guilinggao) in Hong Kong. In 1987, there was nobody selling Guiling Grass Jelly (Guilinggao) in Malaysia. I was always very curious how it tasted.

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The first time I ate it was when I was working in Hong Kong in 1995. I remember how I excited I was that day.

Now you can make Guiling Grass Jelly (Guilinggao) at home in less than 10 minutes with our low sugar Happy Grass Guiling Grass Jelly Powder (Guilinggao). You can add toppings such as honey, canned fruits, red beans, soya milk etc according to own preference. I don't like to add anything. I like to taste the original flavor.

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