Thursday, January 26, 2012

Abalone Sauce

Abalone Sauce Use by Christopher Narog:
I have been searching for years to find a replacement for the abalone sauce I was using but it is no longer produced. Your online store was the only place I could find that carries a replacement and allows for convenient shipping to my home. Thank you for carrying the Yummy House Brand Abalone Sauce. It is delicious.

I made a quick lunch swai and celery stir-fry using the Yummy House Brand Abalone Sauce. I cut some Swai fish into bite size pieces and sliced some celery. Since the celery takes longer to cook, I pre-cook it in the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes. I then season the fish with some salt, msg, and white pepper then lightly coat it with corn starch. I stir-fry the fish in a hot wok with some oil, hot chili peppers and chopped garlic until just cooked then set the fish aside. I stir-fry the celery on medium-high heat until tender. I add the abalone sauce and cooked fish into the wok. (When I desire a larger volume of sauce, especially when serving with rice, I will frequently dilute the abalone sauce with a little water, then add a little corn starch to create a slurry that will thicken back up when heated. This also works for those who want a lot of sauce but find the taste too strong when straight out of the bottle.)   After mixing it all together I plate the food and enjoy it.

I hope someone finds this recipe useful. I can't wait to try the Abalone Scallop Sauce. Thanks for carrying these products.