Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wife Cake (Lo Paw Bang)

We added Yee Hup Wife Cake (Lo Paw Bang - Cantonese) yesterday. I can't wait to share with you. Not only because it is delicious but also because the name of this product is very unique. Wife Cake is also called Wife Biscuit and Sweetheart Cake.

I found the below information about where the name came from on Wikipedia.
'There are two legends that attempt to explain the origins of the Sweetheart cake. One tells the tale of a couple that lived a very poor life, in imperial China. They loved each other and lived in a small village.
Suddenly, a mysterious disease spread. The husband's father became very sick. The couple spent all of their money in order to treat the man's father, but he was still sick. The wife sold herself as a slave in exchange for money to buy medicine for her father-in-law.
Once the husband learned about what his wife did, he made a cake filled with sweetened winter melon and almond. He dedicated this pastry to his wife, whom he'll never forget and sold it. His cake became so popular that he was able to earn enough money to buy his wife back.
There is another version where the man went searching for his wife after he earned enough money to buy her back. In his search, he had a cup of tea at a local tea house, when he suddenly recognized the pastry they were serving with the tea. They were reunited at the tea house.'
Wife Cake is a popular biscuit in Asia with a very long history. There are a few different types of Wife Cake. Yee Hup Wife Cake (Lo Paw Bang) is the lighter version.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Singapore Char Kway Teow (Wok-frying noodles)

Char Kway Teow (Char Kuay Teo), a Wok-frying noodles, is a very popular dish in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. I like both Singaporean and Malaysian versions. Singapore style Char Kway Teow is sweeter and darker compare to Malaysian style Char Kway Teow.

We added Prima Taste Singapore Char Kway Teow (Ready-to-Cook Meal Kit) on our site not too long ago and it has been selling like hotcakes!!!

Our customer, Elen Sia, who is also our friend loves Singapore Char Kway Teow. I am glad she is willing to share the picture and write something for us today.

From Elen Sia:
"Char Kuay Teow is the biggest thing I missed ever since I moved to Indiana in June 2005. So I was very happy when AsianSupermarket365 announced that they would be bringing in Prima Taste Singapore Char Kway Teow (Ready-to-Cook Meal Kit). It is VERY good! I made Char Kuay Teow for dinner tonight with extra wide egg noodles, 1 lb of ground pork (the fattier the better), 2 tbsp of minced garlic, shrimp and 3 eggs. One of Prima Taste's instructions was to use 540g of noodles. That sounded too much, so I reduced it by half and it was perfect. The grease from the ground pork and the sesame oil from the Prima Taste kit coated the egg noodles nicely. And there was enough to feed a family of four!"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prima Taste Mee Siam

The above Prima Taste Mee Siam's picture is taken by Elen Sia...

Who is Elen Sia? She is our customer and now our friend.:) Like many of you, she loves Prima Taste.

Prima Taste is a Singapore Award Winning Brand. Click here to look at all other Prima Taste's products.

This is what Elen wrote:
"It's not easy to find good bee hoon (Rice vermicelli) in Indiana, so I improvised for today's Prima Taste's Mee Siam lunch. I used generic "Oriental pasta" (this was actually printed on the package). I also tend to add favorite things into the dishes I cook. For today's lunch, I made meatballs out of lean ground turkey. Cooking with Prima Taste is so easy and convenient. Everything you need is in sachets that are clearly labeled. The cooking instructions on the back of the box are also clear and simple to understand. It took me only 20 mins to prepare the dish. I am so happy that I can now have my favorite food from back home whenever I want. It also makes me very happy when the roommates enjoy the food I grew up eating."

Thank you, Elen!