Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tambun Cookies (Tau Sar Peah) and Ginger Drink with Honey

I think Soon Ann Tambun Cookies (Tau Sar Peah - Green Bean Paste) and Nature's Own Ginger Drink with Honey are a very good combination. I like to have them for breakfast, afternoon coffee break or supper. In the winter, I like to have a cup of hot Ginger Drink with Honey everyday. In the summer, I like to add a lot of ice in it. It is very refreshing. To make it more fun, why not make a glass of Bubble Ginger Drink with Honey?

Among all the Tambun Cookies, why did I pick Soon Ann? I like it because it is delicious and not too sweet. I don't feel guilty after eating them.:)

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