Monday, April 19, 2010

Puff Biscuits (Hiong Piah/Heong Peng/Ma Tai So)

We added Yummito Puff Biscuits (Original Flavor) on our site today. Yummito? It sounds so Japanese... so what is it? It is actually the popular 'Hiong Piah/Heong Peah/Ma Tai So' that we love. It is manufactured by 'Gunung Rapat Hiong Piah.' I believe many of you have heard about this company.

I was a bit hesitant (ok, stubborn) to add Yummito Puff Biscuits (Original Flavor) because we already have our Top Seller - Soon Ann Heong Peah (Ma Tai So). I didn't see the point adding something similar. I am glad the supplier managed to convince me to change my mind. The supplier told me many times that Yummito Puff Biscuits (Original Flavor) is different and people want more and more after having the first one.

I like both Soon Ann Heong Peah (Ma Tai So) and Yummito Puff Biscuits (Original Flavor) from their crispy outer layers to their sweet fillings. Both puff biscuits taste different. When you bite them, you can tell that their textures are also very different. They both are delicious. MOST IMPORTANTLY, they are very fresh. I really don't know which one I like more.

They are individually packed in order to retain the freshness. It also makes it very convenient to bring to the office, school, travel etc.

I like to eat them together with a pot of Chinese Tea.

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