Friday, April 2, 2010

Chicken Curry, Potatoes and Haogie Rolls

I like rice more than bread. But when I eat Chicken Curry, I find it more delicious to eat it with bread. Today, I am going to have it with the Haogie Rolls that I bought from A&P this morning.

My youngest sister is coming over for dinner tonight. She is a very straight forward person. If the food is bad, she will say it. So not wanting to be hurt and take any risk, I made the Chicken Curry with Tean’s Gourmet Malaysian Chicken Curry Paste and coconut milk.

Click here for cooking instruction.

I LOVE this paste. I just finished cooking it. It smells so good. It is a torture that I don't get to eat it right away because I have to wait for it to get cold and then take pictures to post here. After taking the pictures, I have to wait for my youngest sister to arrive. I am so hungry.

I always add a type of vegetable to this dish. This time I have potatoes.

Other Chicken Curry Paste that you can get from our site is Chilliz Chicken Curry Paste.

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