Sunday, April 1, 2012

Xue Er (Tremella fuciformis), Logan Soup

Xue Er (Tremella fuciformis - also called 'Yin Er' and 'Bai Mu Er') dessert soup is my favorite dessert.  You can cook Xue Er as a dessert or chicken soup.

To make dessert, I like to add dried longan, red dates, Fructus Kycii (Fructus Lycii - Goji Berry). It is very common that people add pear in their Xue Er dessert soup.  It tastes better with rock sugar so don't just use any sugar.

To make Xue Er chicken soup, don't forget to cook with  dried shrimp or dried scallops.  It is delicious!

There are many other ways to cook Xue Er.  Why not find some recipes on Google or Youtube?

Happy cooking!

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