Monday, May 3, 2010

Vegetable Curry

I had Japanese curry with a friend at a trendy Japanese restaurant in East Village about a month ago. I ordered vegetable curry. I got a very small bowl of curry with very little vegetables in it. The rice came with the vegetable curry was double or maybe even triple the size of the curry. It was an expensive meal. I guess I paid for the atmosphere and location of the restaurant.

I wasn't 'satisfied' with the food that night. I prefer Malaysian style vegetable curry.

See what I have in my vegetable curry... okras (lady's fingers), string beans, Japanese pumpkins, carrots, eggplants, red chili, tofu and white cabbage... ALL THE GOOD STUFF:)

I made the vegetable curry with Tean's Gourmet Vegetarian Curry Paste. Other brands can be found here. Cooking instruction is included on each product page. You also need coconut milk to cook this dish.

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