Monday, May 3, 2010

Beef Rendang Curry (Dry Beef Curry)

I met a Malaysian couple last year. The wife makes very good Beef Rendang Curry (Dry Beef Curry). Whenever she gives me the Beef Rendang Curry that she makes, she will make sure she gives me some cucumbers. And she will say, 'You don't want to eat Beef Rendang Curry without cucumbers.':) She is right. It is so delicious to eat it with cucumbers.

We sell a few different brands of All-In-One Rendang Curry paste and Ready-To-Serve Vegetarian Rendang Curry. You can find them here . You also need coconut milk to cook this dish.

The cooking instruction can be found on each product page. You can also cook chicken and mutton with Rendang Curry paste.

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