Monday, May 2, 2011

Thai Sweet Glutinous Rice (Sticky Rice) with Mango

Mangoes are in season now!!!  You can get sweet and delicious mangoes from the fruit stands everywhere in New York City.  

After eating lots of mangoes for more than a month, I am still not sick of it yet.  I had dinner with some friends at a Thai Restaurant last Friday and ordered Thai Sweet Glutinous Rice (Sticky Rice) with Mango for dessert.  It was delicious!!!

You can find many Thai Sweet Glutinous Rice (Sticky Rice) with Mango's recipes on Google.  It's pretty easy to make.

The below items are available on our site for making this dessert. 
1. Glutinous Rice (White) or Glutinous Rice (Black)
2. Palm Sugar
3. Coconut Milk
4. Pandan Leaves Extract

Serve the rice warm with cold mangoes.

Have something different for dessert at home:)  Hope you like it.

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