Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunflower Seeds

For the past one month, there were 3 'birds' eating Sunflower Seeds in my apartment. The 3 'birds' are my mother, aunt and I. Actually, my mother and aunt started first. I joined them about 2 weeks ago. It is quite fun and sweet to chit chat and eat Sunflower Seeds with them. Too bad, we couldn't interest my father to join us.:)

The No. 1 'Big Bird', my aunt, is flying back to Singapore next Wednesday. I call her the No. 1 'Big Bird' because she could eat Sunflower Seeds for hours... non-stop.:)

The No. 2 'Big Bird', my mother, is going back to Malaysia in November. I am going to miss them and the noise that we make from eating Sunflower Seeds so much.

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