Friday, September 3, 2010

Prima Taste Singapore Curry

We are very busy sending out updates and coupon codes on our Facebook Fan Page. I am so glad that our friend, Elen Sia, is willing to help us to post something that she cooked on our Blog. Elen is a big fan of Prima Taste's products. She is also a very creative cook. See what she did with Prima Taste’s Singapore Curry (Ready-To-Cook Sauce Kit):) So creative!!!

'I love curry. I especially love Singapore curry. It's robust and full of flavor. How convenient, therefore, that I can now have Singapore curry anytime I want with Prima Taste's Singapore Curry Ready-To-Cook Kit. Everything that's needed is in the box. Lunch today was lamb curry cooked in the slow cooker on High for 4 hours. I used 8 pieces of lamb sirloin and added 4 medium-sized red potatoes (peeled and cubed). After 2 hours, I added juice from 4 limes and sambal chilli to boost the flavor. When the lamb was tender after 4 hours, I served the curry with naan and Hainanese chicken rice. Delicious!' --
Elen Sia

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