Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mahjong Game Set

Mahjong is a game that I love very much but it is also a game that I don't really know the rules. I know it sounds ridiculous. I think I either don't have the talent or it's the environment. I want to blame it on the environment. My sisters and I grew up being told by my father how bad mahjong was. My father got very upset whenever we walked close to my mother's mahjong table.

When we grew up, there were no 'adults' in US to teach us the rules so I set the rules for my sisters to follow. Each of us will hold a piece of paper with 'my rules' when we play mahjong ...and of course a lot of questions asked that sometimes I don't even have an answer:)

Mahjong is a very fun game. But to my sisters and I, it is an important game for us to get together. Whenever we play mahjong, we will cook a lot of food too:)

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  1. Hi, this is not related to your post, but I have a question for you. I bought Kong Yen Chung Tzyy (Chinese Rice Dumplings) Sauce. I wanted to try something new. Have you ever made Rice Dumplings before? Do I use the sauce IN the dumpling or do I dip the dumpling in the sauce? Is there anything else I can cook with this sauce BESIDES rice dumplings?

  2. Hi Tammy,

    Yes, it is not related to this post but it is related to us... so welcome, welcome, welcome!:) The sauce on our site is a dipping sauce for Rice Dumplings. You can use it as a dipping sauce for other food too. I don't think people use this sauce for cooking. No, I have never made Rice Dumplings before but I would like to try making it one day.

  3. My dad's side of families (Chinese), most of them knew how to play Mahjong. I practically grew up watching Mahjong flew out of Mahjong table, or the ping-pang sound of Mahjong at the peak of the game. I was really intrigued why the game was so fun, emotional and sometimes triggered other dramas such as drinking, money (I know it is not ok to gamble with money but this is in Asia, so that law is somewhat being intentionally ignored.

    They still love playing and I love seeing this kind of classic games are still being recognized. In my opinion, it can be as fun as playing wii, xbox, guitar hero, or nintendo, etc..

    Yup! I never get the rules of playing mahjong, and I get bored really fast if I know I would have to know the rule first. I guess I just need a little patience and make time to practice the rule of game. I would love to buy the mahjong set from you. But, I have a question you know any book or online resource that could help me learning how to play mahjong? I know FB has one but I got so overwhelmed I stopped playing (well, I lost and I did not know why I lost). The same goes to Poker. I want to learn how to play chess as well but I need to find a 'victim'...a real human being to play and teach me along the way. Haha, I tried to learn chess by playing online with someone on the other side of the world, and it only ended up...well, who knows the answer by now. Where is the Mahjong imported from?

    Yumcha Jenny

  4. Hi Jenny,

    The best way to learn is to play with people who know the game. This is a very fun game. I really think it is worth learning it because you will enjoy it so much.

    Don't worry about knowing the rules 100% because you don't need to know 100% to enjoy the game. In addition, everybody has different rules... but everybody has the same basic rules... so I suggest you to google to learn the basic rules.

    The set we have is from Hong Kong... if I am not wrong. I have one set too. It looks nice and 'professional.':)